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Paul Morrison

Date of Birth:  8/11/82

Grade:  11

Height:  175cm

Weight:  52 kilos

1600M:  4:55 When:  USU Indoor 1999
3200M:  10:23 When:  State Track 1999
5000M:  16:53 When:  Regionals 1999
10000M:  36:43 When:  Standard-Examiner Classic 1999
Favorite Run:  White Rocks

Favorite Color:  Plaid

Favorite Ice Cream:  A walk in the black forrest

Favorite Shoe:  Adidas  "the ride"

Favorite Superhero:  Superman

Hobbies:  Street luging, movie making, ballroom dancing, honky tonk piano player

Activities:  NHS, Student Council, RSXSLL, band, jazz band

Future Plans:  To become a superhero

Other:  The only man in history to be considered the "Jimmy Hendrix of Trombone"

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